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Wireless Microphone for Macbook, iPhone, One Plus - U8

Wireless Microphone for Macbook, iPhone, One Plus - U8

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Key Features

Ideal for Online Classes, Teaching and Meeting


Recorded on iPhone

Suitable microphone for MacBook, iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung & Other Smartphones - A special 6.5 mm to 3.5 mm adapter included that works with most high-end smartphones. The product is not suitable for DSLRs.


Noise cancelling UHF wireless plug and play microphone with body pack transmitter has a transmission range of 100 ft, 25 selectable frequencies (902- 928) MHz, and stable connection with distortion free audio transmission, and no interference with nearby microphones as you can adjust frequency.


6.35 mm or ¼” output portable receiver microphone is compatible with any 6.35 mm Mic input of sound system – be it PA system, audio mixer, speaker, amplifier or a karaoke machine.

Also supports iPhones, android phones, MacBook, iPad, tablets, and laptops with the included special adapter. 

For iPhones you need to have original lightning to 3.5mm adapter (it comes along with iPhone), and for other phones that have USB C port alone (and no 3.5 mm port), you need to have a USB C to 3.5mm adapter (not included).


For MacBooks, iPhones & other smartphones, we have included this special adapter in the package 


Powered by rechargeable batteries, the headset microphone can be setup within minutes - plug the lapel microphone into the transmitter socket, and the receiver in the mic socket of the speaker system, and you are ready to rock your live performances hands-free and in your groove! Microphone system is ideal for live performances like presentations, speeches, coaching, plays, interviews, and more.




How to Use?

Simply plug in the receiver to the 6.5mm port of amplifier, mixer, or PA system.Tuck the transmitter to your waist clip, plug in the required mic, set the volume at minimal from the transmitter, turn on both the devices, and move at least 2-3m away from the speaker before starting to speak. If you stay close to the speaker, their would be a howling effect.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Robert keller
Flimsy Mouth piece

I have been searching for a good quality microphone that is compatible with my Apple devices. I tried many different brands but nothing seemed to work or the qulity was bad. But with this microphone I am able to record and stream pure crystal clear sound. The design is compact and the reciever with a waist clip fits perfectly on my belt and I really love the wearable attachement to the mic. There have been no issues so far and the connection range is good without interference or connection drop offs. If you are an apple user and looking for a good reliable mic then this is your pick

Becca Taylor
Awesome Microphone compatible with Phones

Since school went online I had to put together a setup to attend online calsses. I needed a comfortbale and reliable microphone that would work both with my phone and laptop. One of my friends suggested this product. So I went ahead and bought it. Loved the packaging and the entire microphone set is very compact and lightweight. Love the color and fine finish. It is sturdy and not flimsy like other wireless mics I have tried. I am happy and able to attend online calsses without any hassle. Recommended by and affordable pricing.

James Miller
Compact Microphone

I was gifted this microphone by a friend who wanted to help with my setup for titok. I was at first skeptical about the product. But once I started using it I felt the seamless experience of impeccable audio quality and convenience of the wireless design that is so light weight and can be setup effortlessly. It has good battery time and helps me record for 3-4 hours without breaking sweat. I came back to leave a review because I loved the product so much. And it is also very affordably priced.

Patricia Faulkner
Best Bargain I ve Made

Wanted a microphone to start my vlogging and travel channel on youtube. This microphone is very great and useful for my needs. Happy with the product and is very easy to use. Gives me great quality sound and can even the faintest natural sounds with a lot of clarity. Impressed with this product and would recommend anyone to buy this for using with their phone.

Teresa Crow
One Of A kind Microphone

The microphone took forever to connect to the reciever and once it got connected the connection kept dropping. Was very frustrated and irritated, But when its working fine it’s a great product. Hence I am giving it a 3.5star rating and not a 1. Good sound quality and excellent clarity.