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Portable Airport Announcement System Mic with Speaker

Portable Airport Announcement System Mic with Speaker

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At some silent airports, it may become difficult for the airlines to make announcements, and these portable Announcement Systems for airports may prove really handy for announcing the beginning of boarding at the boarding gates, calling passengers to queue up in a line, or simply proceed towards the boarding gate. 

  • Comes with a neckband that is suitable for traditional dresses, blazers, or some women's outfits that don't allow tucking it to the waist
  • Built-in Waist Clip for tucking it to the trouser waist where it can be
  • Long Battery Back up with 2200mAH rechargeable battery of the speaker
  • 500 mAh battery of mic can also easily last for 4-5 hours, giving you sufficient time to use and charge between announcements - can be easily charged with included USB cable
  • Thoughtful free gift - a wired mic that allows you to continue to use the amplifier while the wireless mic is getting charged.
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