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Online Teaching Collar Mic - Zoom Meeting - Google Classroom - WM01

Online Teaching Collar Mic - Zoom Meeting - Google Classroom - WM01

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Key Features

Sound Sample Recorded Using this Microphone


Teach online conveniently using this wireless microphone.

It works with Google Hangout, Google Classroom, Jio Meet, Zoom Conference Call or other video conferencing calls.

By using this wireless microphone, you can move around conveniently during a yoga class, workshop or an online dance class and yet be audible clearly to your audience. 


Convenience of Wireless.

A set of wireless transmitter and receiver - the receiver can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or even a PA system.

The wireless transmitter can be tucked around your waist and you can clip the microphone to your collar, and roam around freely during video productions, interviews or live broadcasts.

In some of the smartphones, the default camera app doesn't work, so you must install 'Motiv Video' app and try recording.

Use for Teaching, Youtube, Yoga Classes & More.

Roam around easily while you are giving a speech during a workshop or teaching, record clear audio during youtube video production even when subject is at a distance, speak conveniently during a yoga class or any other workshop wherein you need to be at a distance from camera or need to move around, and do interviews more smartly - best lavalier mic.

Equally suitable for capturing audio when making travel videos, for remote online teaching, and for voice over during a product video.

This is an incredible tool for Youtubers who surely want to stand a bit far from the camera to avoid having their face all over the camera due to the mic cable limitation.


Compatible with Most Devices.

When you want to use this device with a DSLR, insert the receiver directly into the microphone jack of the DSLR without the use of any of the adapters.

When you want to use this device with a smartphone, laptop or PC that has a single jack for mic and headphone, use the audio splitter adapter.

Ideal collar mic for mobile recording, youtube videos, DSLR, iPad, iPhone, lavalier microphone for smartphones, mic for PC, mike for Vlogging, for PA system, loudspeakers, etc. - ideal collar mic for teachers.

Note - for iPhone models that don’t have audio jack, you need to use the lightning to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter that comes along with the iPhone.

For android phones, you need to download OPEN CAMERA app.

For OnePlus models, it doesn't work with default camera, so you need to use it with 'Motiv Video' Camera app. 

Smart Voice Pickup.

Cardioid pickup pattern of the cardioid collar mic picks up clear & natural speech, processes sound with minimal noise in the output, and offers better performance and stability compared to bluetooth 2.4G mics.

Rechargable Mic Battery.

With 400mAH rechargeable battery in both wireless transmitter and receiver, the lapel mic or microphone can operate for upto 4 hrs without requiring recharging.

Long Wireless Range of 30-50m.

Allows you to speak through a PA system or Amplifier wirelessly, allows you to record clear audio from a distance, and gives you the freedom to roam around with its long range stability of 30-50 metres (unobstructed).


Easy to Use.

With a simple pairing process, you should be able to set up and get going in less than a minute. Moreover, the lapel mic receiver has an indicator light which shows if the input is transmitted, thus avoiding errors of recording.

Mic in Action

Check out the video of wireless microphone in action. It also has tips on how to use it effectively.

Troubleshooting Tips

If transmitter and receiver are well paired, and still if you aren't getting the clear audio recording, you need to find if the audio on your phone/laptop is recorded through the external mic or your device's default camera.

For doing this, you can connect the receiver to your device, and move about 10 m away from the receiver, and try to record, and see if the recording is done or not. Or you can use an app like soundmeter that can be downloaded from Playstore or App Store. You can tap on the mic to see if the indicator on the app is moving or not.

If it isn't, it means your phone is not detecting the external microphone. In that case, you need to use an app like 'MOTIV VIDEO' that can be downloaded from the Playstore or App Store.

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Customer Reviews

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Arun Jain
The receiver battery is now lasting for only 2 hrs. I need it for 3 hours

Can I buy an extra receiver

Super helpful

mobile connecting this item helpful easyly connection 100meeter.Thank you sir very help ful this mic for my realme x mobile

Sathyanarayana nadig
Suitable wireless Mic for teaching professionals.

 Sound quality is approved by my brother who is professor. Value for money ..

Gholap Bapu Ganpat
vidyawarta YouTube

video available on vidyawarta YouTube

Superb purchase

Very good product... I m using it for my own YouTube channel.. And connecting is so easy that you will love it