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Nefficar Wireless Acoustic Guitar Mic for Recording or Amplifier

Nefficar Wireless Acoustic Guitar Mic for Recording or Amplifier

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Key Features

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  • DESIGNED FOR GUITAR - Innovative Guitar Mic that uses a suction cup to stick to your guitar surface, and captures the tunes professionally, while the receiver can be connected to a mixer, speaker, phone or PC computer.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - RECORD the audio directly (guitar recording mic) to your phone, laptop, garageband, connect the receiver to A GUITAR AMPLIFIER (useable as a guitar amp mic) for LIVE PERFORMANCE, or Do the Live broadcast on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook without having to sit close to the phone or laptop for capturing the sound.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Our acoustic Guitar Microphone features a 400 mAH rechargeable battery that can last for upto 4 hours, which is good enough for most performances. The included dual device charging cables helps charge both transmitter and receiver simultaneously.
  • LONG RANGE & INCREDIBLE PERFRORMANCE - With wireless UHF technology our recording acoustic guitar mic can easily work between a range of 35-40m, and offers a stable connection. With cardioid pickup pattern, it significantly reduces any background noise.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY & PREMIUM GIFT - With a high quality hard carry case, it is extremely easy to carry along all the accessories (including a 6.5mm adapter, U audio splitter and charging cable) during travel without having to worry about damaging the mic. Moreover, it also makes for an ideal gift to any guitar player - best mic for recording acoustic guitar.




Get more flexibility when recording videos of guitar playing as you can stay away from the recording device (be it camera or phone), and capture the complete you (of course along with clear & professional guitar sound) rather than just having your face all over the camera.

The quick installation through a powerful suction cup on the guitar surface, long range of upto 40 meters, and playback time of upto 4 hours, make it an incredibly functional device.

How Does it Work?

1.Mount the mic on the guitar
2.Connect the receiver in the speaker, amplifier, mixer or recording device (phone, laptop, camera)
3.Keep the volume of the speaker zero (if connecting to speaker) - this is to avoid howling sound
4.Turn on both transmitter and receiver
5.You are good to go - still just test with a small recording or playback before doing a full-fledged thing, just to make sure you don't end up recording nothing.
NOTE - Use right adapters for different devices.

If your default camera app doesn't record any sound, then install 'Motiv Video' app from Play store or Apple App Store, and try recording with the same. 

Package contents:

1.Premium carry box
2.Microphone with Suction Cup (also called Transmitter)
3.Receiver with 3.5 mm pin
4.A 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter
5.A 3.5 mm audio splitter (for phones and Laptops)

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