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Nefficar Lavalier Collar Microphone - Wired

Nefficar Lavalier Collar Microphone - Wired

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Key Features


  • Works with N511-UHF - Nefficar Wireless Voice Amplifier - when you run out of wireless mic battery, you can use this.
  • Collar Mic for Teachers - Plug it into portable voice amplifier or classroom speaker with mic to communicate more comfortably - headset mics could be a hassle for some - compatible with nefficar voice amplifier.
  • GOOSENECK DESIGN - You clip lavalier mic to lapel or collar with the help of the lapel pin, however, the gooseneck extension helps keep the mic right in front of your mouth, which is essential requirement for desirable amplification using portable loudspeakers.
  • SUFFICIENT LENGTH - 1m length of lapel mic is sufficient for the purpose of connection to portable speakers that are hung around your body.
  • CONVENIENCE - Most portable voice amplifiers do not come with collar mic with speaker for teachers or a lapel mike, they come with headset mic.
  • CLEAR SOUND PICK-UP - Natural & clear voice is picked up by our lavalier mic while eliminating most of the noise.

Details: Most lapel microphones or lavalier microphones can't pickup sound when they are clipped to your lapel, however, we have figured out a way to avoid putting the mic around your neck or head, and yet allow for right transmission such that we don't lose volume.

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