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Crystal Clear Voice

Bluetooth Speaker with Mic - 15W

Bluetooth Speaker with Mic - 15W

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Key Features

Unleash Your Voice & Command Attention: One of India's Most Powerful Bluetooth Speakers with Wireless Headset Mic

Forget struggling to be heard! This revolutionary Bluetooth speaker pairs with a wireless headset mic to amplify your voice effortlessly, captivate audiences, and make every session a resounding success. Ditch the bulky PA systems and hello to freedom, comfort, and crystal-clear communication.

️ Powerhouse Voice Projection

    • 15W Speaker: Project your voice loud and clear to over 100 people, filling classrooms, meeting rooms, and even outdoor spaces with ease.
    • Wireless Headset Mic: Move freely and speak naturally! The comfortable headset mic picks up your voice flawlessly, eliminating the need to be tethered to the speaker.
    • Say Goodbye to Strain: No more shouting or hoarse whispers. This dynamic duo ensures your voice is heard comfortably and distinctly, even in noisy environments.

Unchain Your Teaching & Engage Your Audience

    • Lightweight & Portable: Clip the speaker to your waist, hang it around your neck, or place it on a desk. The wireless magic means no more heavy equipment or tangled wires restricting your movement.
    • Seamless Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Aux, TF card - connect instantly to any device and play music, presentations, audio lessons, podcasts, announcements, or any media to keep your audience engaged and learning.
    • All-Day Power: Focus on your message, not your battery. The speaker boasts 8 hours of playtime, while the mic delivers 6 hours of talk time, powering you through even the longest sessions.

Connect, Create, & Inspire

    • Multiple Speaker Symphony: Need to reach even larger crowds? Connect multiple speakers with one mic for a seamlessly amplified experience across vast spaces.
    • Bonus Versatility: Enjoy a free wired mic for added flexibility, and adjust the gooseneck mic for optimal voice capture in any situation.

Invest in your voice and your audience's engagement with this versatile Bluetooth speaker and microphone - a game-changer for educators, trainers, and presenters across India.

Versatile Bluetooth Mic with Speaker

    • Teachers: Command your classroom with ease, amplifying your voice without straining. Project lessons across the room, ensure every student hears your instructions, and create a dynamic learning environment.
    • Trainers: Lead engaging workshops and presentations with your voice reaching every corner of the training room. Motivate participants, keep everyone focused, and ensure your message resonates clearly.

    • Announcers: Make impactful announcements at events, restaurants, or public spaces. Grab attention, deliver information effortlessly, and ensure everyone hears your message loud and clear.
    • Restaurant Staff: Enhance the dining experience by playing background music, making announcements about specials, or communicating with customers across the restaurant.
    • Auctioneer: Captivate the crowd with booming clarity, command the bidding floor, and make every winning offer resonate with your portable podium power.

    • Fitness Coach: Energize every session with your wireless workout wonder, pump up the playlist, and keep the beat pumping across large group sessions.

    • Restaurant Staff: Enhance the dining experience with seamless audio flow, play tranquil music, and connect with customers across the restaurant, elevating both ambiance and efficiency.

    • Yoga Instructor: Guide every movement with crystal-clear instructions, create a serene soundscape for mindful practice, and connect via Bluetooth to weave tranquil music into your Zen Zone Symphony.

    • Outdoor Guide: Navigate any terrain with your adventure amplified voice amplifier, project across vast distances, and keep your group connected amidst nature's roar, even whispering to walls for wildlife safety.

About Nefficar

Nefficar, a trailblazer in the realm of audio innovation, has been a beacon of excellence since its inception in 2015. Renowned for its premium Portable Voice Amplification systems and Wireless Microphones, Nefficar seamlessly blends convenience with cutting-edge technology. The brand's wireless range, marked by the benchmark Wireless Voice Amplifier system, has revolutionized teaching environments. Nefficar's commitment to quality extends to its recent venture into karaoke systems, where the fusion of a Bluetooth speaker and wireless microphone creates a versatile, portable PA system. Priced competitively for its premium offerings, Nefficar stands as a symbol of modernity and sophistication in the audio industry, enriching lives through unparalleled audio experiences.

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A powerful 2200 mAh battery can easily last 8 hours on a single charge, eliminating the need to charge the device between the lectures.


The microphone has a gooseneck design that allows it to be conveniently adjusted in front of your lips so that you can achieve crystal-clear amplification while eliminating surrounding noise.

The headband sits comfortably over your ears, thus ensuring that you can wear it for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, with its lightweight design, you might even forget that you are wearing anything.


Keep the speaker anywhere (on a table, stool, etc.), and walk around the room without having to carry the speaker with you - that's the freedom of a wireless voice amplifier. Moreover, you can keep the speaker in the middle of the class because the students at the front are anyway able to listen to you because of being close to you.