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Wireless Microphone with USB Receiver – for Android Phones with USB C Interface

Wireless Microphone with USB Receiver – for Android Phones with USB C Interface

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COMPATIBILITY – Our wireless mic works with android phones that have USB C ports. If it doesn’t work with the default camera app, use OPEN CAMERA app, and in settings choose AUDIO SOURCE as External Microphone. Works with Windows and MacBook Pro & Macbook Air Systems that have USB port or USB C Port.

LONG WIRELESS RANGE – Offers a wireless range of 30-40 meters when there is no obstacle between the wireless microphone and the receiver. Be sure of crystal clear high quality audio recording. PROFESSIONAL LOOK & premium touch and feel! Ideal for social media reporting, youtube news channels, local news reporting, etc.

RECEIVER WITH AUDIO OUTPUT PORT – Receiver with audio output port allows you to play the same audio that’s being recorded through the mic on either a headphone for monitoring purposes, or for playing it on a PA system or speaker while it’s being recorded on phone or laptop. An Aux cable is included for taking aux output from the receiver.

BATTERY REQUIREMENT – The transmitter, i.e., mic, uses 2 x AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) while the USB receiver can draw power from either the laptop or phone to which it is connected.

INCLUDES – 1 Mic (also called transmitter), 1 USB Receiver, 1 USB-C Adapter, 1 Aux Cable. Equally suitable as a karaoke mic, mic for singing, mic for conferences, workshops, seminars, school announcements, anchoring, emcees, stage PA equipment, etc.

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