Wireless Lavalier Mic - Tips & Tricks for Using

Use of Adapters

1. For DSLRs, directly connect the receiver to the microphone port of the DSLR. Before starting the final recording, try recording a small sample piece using the mic. 

Using WM01 with DSLR

2. For Smartphones or even for laptops, connect the U audio splitter in front of the receiver as shown in the picture. 

Using WM01 with Smartphones

Testing Your Connection

Step 1: Test connection between transmitter (i.e., mic) & receiver. Turn on both the devices, tap on the microphone with a finger to see, if the light on the receiver blinks or not. If it blinks, both are well paired, if not, follow the manual pairing instructions given below in the video. If the light blinks, go to the next step. 

Step 2: Connect the receiver into a camera or smartphone using the appropriate adapter (if needed), and clip the mic on to the collar.

Turn on both the devices, press the recording button on any your phone or camera, go about 5-10 meters away, and try speaking something to do a test recording. And check to see if the sound is recorded desirably or not. If it sounds like a feeble voice from a distance, and if you feel like it is not recoded through the mic but rather from the default mic of the smartphone, it means your default camera isn't detecting the external microphone. 

In this case we recommend you to download 'MOTIVE VIDEO' app from playstore or App Store on iOS. 

How to Pair the WM01 Microphone Manually?