Unbeatable Mic with Speaker Price - Excellent Sound

Unbeatable Mic with Speaker Price - Excellent Sound


In the quest for the best mic with speaker at a competitive price, the Nefficar Wireless Voice Amplifier emerges as a clear winner. Priced at just ₹5999, it's a marvel of technology, combining a portable amplifier with a wireless mic. Let's delve into why this is the best wireless microphone with speaker set in the market.

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Nefficar's Unique Features

Advanced UHF Technology: Unlike standard Bluetooth voice amplifiers, Nefficar uses UHF technology for a stable and flexible connection, ensuring freedom of movement in any classroom setting.

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Powerful Output: With a 15W power output, it delivers clear and loud sound, perfect for large classrooms or outdoor settings.

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Long Wireless Range: The wireless range extends up to 30 meters, offering unparalleled flexibility and coverage.

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Multiple Connectivity Options: It supports Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, and Aux inputs, making it versatile for various audio sources.

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Rechargeable Batteries: The mic and speaker come with a 500 mAh and 2200 mAh battery, respectively, offering up to 8 hours of speaker playback and 5-6 hours for the mic.

Additional Wired Mic: It includes a free wired mic, adding to its value. Even if the battery of your wireless mic is over, you can connect your wired mic and continue using the device. 

Multi-Speaker Connectivity: One mic can connect to multiple speakers, ideal for large venues or split classrooms. For this, you need to buy additional speaker separately. 

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Portability and Comfort: Weighing just 205g, it comes with a back clip and neckband for easy carrying.

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Price Comparison

At ₹5999, Nefficar stands out in the market. When compared to other products offering similar features, its price is very competitive, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious educators and speakers. The products available at a cheaper prices have either low power output or lower battery and poor design. 

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Real-Life Applications

In Educational Settings: Teachers can use it in large classrooms or during field trips, ensuring their voice is heard clearly without straining.

For Outdoor Events: Its long-range and robust sound output make it ideal for outdoor events or large gatherings.

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Customer Testimonials

Users rave about its ease of use, sound quality, and battery life. Many appreciate the flexibility it offers in different teaching and speaking scenarios.


Q: Is the Nefficar amplifier easy to set up? A: Absolutely, it's designed for user-friendly operation. The speaker and mic come automatically paired, and you can just turn on the devices and start amplifying your voice right away. Even if you need to pair mic with speaker again in the future, it is very simple 3 step process that's outlined in manual as well a number of YouTube videos are available.  

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Q: Can it be used in large halls? A: Yes, its powerful output and long range make it suitable for large spaces. But if the size is too big, you can pair the same mic with multiple speakers to increase amplification and coverage. For that, you would need to buy another speaker of the similar kind separately. 

Q: How long does it take to charge the batteries? A: Charging is efficient, ensuring quick readiness for use.

Q: Is it durable for regular use? A: Yes, it's built to withstand regular use in various environments.

Q: Can I connect it to my smartphone? A: Yes, its Bluetooth connectivity allows easy pairing with smartphones.

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The Nefficar Wireless Voice Amplifier is a standout product when you compare the mic with speaker price within the category. Offering a host of premium features at an incredibly competitive price, it's the ideal choice for educators and speakers seeking quality without breaking the bank. Embrace the power of clear, effective communication with Nefficar.

Explore More

Stay tuned for more insights and detailed reviews on how Nefficar can transform your teaching or speaking experience. Whether in a classroom, auditorium, or outdoor setting, Nefficar is your go-to solution for impeccable audio amplification


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