How to Baby Proof Your Home for Improved Child Safety?

How to Baby Proof Your Home for Improved Child Safety?

As exciting as it can get, like a blink of an eye your little baby is going to cross significant milestones of crawling, standing, and walking, which might put you in a lot of stress: thinking of all the sharp corners, not-so-baby-friendly-furniture, harmful chemicals or appliances. With the use of right baby safety products, you can sit back and enjoy every phase as your tiny explorer makes the best out of their newly mastered wandering skills!


In no time your baby is going to be crawling around the house, reaching out to things and dragging down or toppling a few on their pursuit towards the next stage of walking and running. This can lead to a lot of accidents out of which some might turn out to be really dangerous unless you have planned ahead and formed a secure environment for utmost baby care. Babies are going to be really excited about their new-found expertise of moving around hence the best way to understand the adventures they are up to is to actually try to look at your home from a baby’s point of view so you don’t miss out on anything.



These come very handy when you have to stow away things inside a shelf and prevent your baby from opening it. Safe lock your kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, fridge, dishwasher or microwave so you really don’t have to worry about any unforeseen accidents.

Nefficar cabinet child locks or baby cupboard locks top the list for child safety locks available in the market because of their effective easy-latching design and strong 3M adhesive that makes installation on any surface incredibly easier.

What makes them the best:

- The perfect way to keep sharp or hazardous things away from your baby’s reach, without permanently realigning the whole interior
- Extremely easy for adults to lock and unlock, can be removed effortlessly without leaving behind any marks on the surface
- Trendy design does not hamper the aesthetics of your home, at the same time the adhesive sticks firm and does not come off even with baby’s repeated tugging and pulling
- The package comes in a set of 6 so it will be enough to secure all the unsafe storage units or appliances


A home without sharp corners is almost close to impossible, be it the coffee table, dining table, TV unit, study or kitchen, and it gets very tricky to reach out to your little cruiser who is bound to lose balance & bump on any of the sharp edges corners a lot of pain and even a life-heartening hazard – don’t worry we have some good news for you! There are a plenty of corner guards available in the market to help babyproof your home.

Nefficar Baby Corner Guards

Nefficar baby proofing corner guards are indisputably the best choice with their soft padding and minimal design – perfect size that gives ideal coverage on sharp corners without compromising on the decor of your home.

Reasons to choose them:

- Soft corner guards are well designed with 3M adhesive so you don’t have to worry about finding a tape to fix them
- Acts as an impressive cushioned padding, protecting your little one from bruises or injury when they accidentally bump onto the corners
- These can be removed easily once your baby outgrows the toddler stage without leaving any scraps on the surface or spoiling furniture
- Package includes a set of 10 corner guards so you can cover all the significant risky corners


Nothing can give you more peace of mind than being able to watch and listen to your little bundle of joy even when they are out of your sight – with the use of an advanced baby monitor you would be able to keep a check on your baby while they are asleep on their crib in their room or playing in their playpen.

Baby Monitoring Camera

Motorola video baby monitor covers every specific requirement that parents look for.

What makes them superior:

- 2.4 inch LCD monitor along with the infrared night vision helps live-monitoring amazingly easy, day and night alike
- The innovative parent unit is designed with an optical pan, tilt functionality along with sound level indicators so you don’t miss out on any movement or sound your baby makes
- The parent unit can be paired up with up to 4 baby units
- The unit gives out an alert when the battery is running low so you can charge them up before the monitor shuts down
- Works well till a range of 520 feet and pops up a warning if you step out of range

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