Best Teachers Day Gift for your Class Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Tutor or Guide - Appreciative & Thank you Presents

teachers Teachers Day

Teachers are a significant part of any society and the future of many young individuals, and in turn country, is shaped by good teachers. Not only do they spend hours shaping our tiny tot’s lives, but also sacrifice their lives for their noble profession! Teacher’s day in India is one occasion dedicated to these selfless beings in honour of the former President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Celebrate the wonderful educators on their special day and thank them for their efforts in imparting you valuable knowledge through your formative years by giving them a gift. In order to give you the best...

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Best Video Calling App for Online Teaching - Free Software for School College Teacher - Live Classes

online teaching teachers

Top 5 Virtual Learning Softwares. eLearning & Software for education that will make teaching online easy. Immersive and interactive online teaching platforms that make learning a fun experience. Teaching onlineduring the pandemic made easy. Smart classroom solutions for the modern era. Teacher resources, educational technology, and softwares for teaching to make learning from home easy.

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