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The Dangers of Selfie Stick - A Video by Pizza Hut

10 ways Monopod Selfie Selfie Stick

Not everyone is a supporter of Selfie Stick lovers. Some consider them Narcissists, others Egocentric. However, Pizza hut has shown a huge support for Selfie Stick lovers by creating this amazing video that encourages Selfie Stick lovers but asks them take care of themselves and do safe Selfying. So this is basically about how not to use a Selfie Stick. Check this video and know for yourself.

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Watch How Tom Hanks uses a Selfie Stick

Monopod Selfie Selfie Stick

If Tom Hanks is using it, Selfie Stick is definitely in Vogue. 

Learn from Tom Hanks how to use a Selfie Stick.


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Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick in India

gopro Monopod Selfie Selfie Stick

Find out the best Selfie Sticks available in Indian market and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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Which Selfie Stick Should you buy online in India?

Monopod Selfie Selfie Stick

A thorough guide to choosing a Selfie Stick.

This article provides a brief comparison of the popular Selfie Stick models available in the Indian market.

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10 Ways to use a Selfie Stick

10 ways gopro monopod selfie stick

Image via Imgur

Are you wondering how people are using Selfie Sticks, the trending gadget of last year.

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