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5 Resolutions that You Should Take This Women's Day Instead to Make it a real Happy Womens Day - No Messages, No Quotes

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Just saying happy Women’s day isn't enough this international Women’s day!

Nor sharing some Women’s Day Quotes is gonna do justice to this Women’s day. Instead, it is time to take a few resolutions that will in fact empower women. If each one of us made at least one resolution this Women’s Day, you cannot imagine how much difference would it make.

So here are a few resolutions that we have prepared for you. Share these, spread the word and inspire people to support good behaviour that will actually result in women empowerment.

Not Quotes But Resolutions for Women's Day

International Women's Day Resolution 2

Womens Day Resolution 2
International Womens Day 2016 - Resolution 3
International Womens Day - Resolution 4
WomensDay - Resolution 5

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