Which Selfie Stick Should you buy online in India?

A number of Selfie Stick models are available in the market. However, since the Selfie sticks are mainly sold online, and not many details are available on the e-commerce websites, it becomes difficult to take a call on the model that should be purchased. Following is a brief comparison of some of the most readily available models in the market:

Z07-1 – The most basic form of a Selfie Stick 


Monopod Colors

The model Z07-1 is one of the most basic design which sort of marked the beginning of an era of Seflie Sticks in the Indian market.  This model has only a basic extendable rod which could extend up to about 90 mm and a mobile holder. Since it doesn't have any Bluetooth shutter, you need to set your phone on timer every time  you want to take a picture and then extend the rod to click a Selfie.

Z07-1 + An External Bluetooth Shutter


The need for having an easy way to click was soon realized and the idea evolved into a combo of Z07-1 plus a Bluetooth Shutter. A Bluetooth shutter can be paired with your android or iPhone and then you click as many pictures as you like with the button at your fingertips. The innovation continued and it resulted  in one  of  the  most hot selling model  of selfie sticks  called  Z07-5.  

A premium design is also  available in  this category called -  QP901. 

QP 901 - A Stylish Selfie Stick with External Bluetooth Shutter

QP 901 has excellent finish and is relatively more  stylish  and  solid in comparison to Z07-1 + Bluetooth shutter. This can  be clubbed  with  a mini  tripod to  make it a good  Selfie  kit. 

Nefficar Foldable Wired Selfie Stick


This foldable Selfie Stick is super portable with its head permanently fit on top of the stick. The foldability of the mobile holder makes it quite short in length and easy to fit into your pocket. The wired connection makes it easy for you to plug and click unlike a Bluetooth selfie stick which requires charging regularly and pairing with your mobile every time you want to use your Selfie Stick. A Bluetooth Selfie Stick doesn't only consumes battery of your selfie stick but also of your mobile, which you definitely don't want when you are traveling. Isn't it?

It has an ergonomic grip to let you comfortably hold the Selfie stick and a switch just below your thumb to let you click as many Selfies as you like.

About Selfie Stick: Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm patented his Selfie Stick in 2005

Note: If your volume button doesn't click a picture with your mobile camera, try following

For Android Phone - Open your phone camera, go to setting - Select Volume key and set the volume key to 'take picture'

Those phones which do not allow you to set your volume button for clicking pictures, Camera 360 may work.

As the  innovation is never  ceasing,  new designs  kept coming  in the market. 

Yunteng 188 - The  Sturdiest Selfie  Stick 

Yunteng 188 was the sturdiest  design  we came across in the market.  While testing  we found  that  it could  easily support  a weight of upto 2.5 kgs, i.e., even a DSLR with small lenses like  50mm and 18-55mm. This  when clubbed  with  an external Bluetooth  shutter and a mini tripod became  a very  versatile and durable tool. You could  use it as a Selfie  stick with  mobile  or camera or even as a tripod for mobile with  remote  shutter. 

Then a monster  was born and it was named Yunteng 1288. 

Yunteng 1288 - The Monster Stick

The rod has a design similar  to Yunteng 188, but  it is equipped with  a Bluetooth shutter mounted  on  the  rod that  can  be detached as and when  required.  This  proves very  useful  for 2 reasons :

1. You don't have to carry a shutter separately and clicking  pictures is easier since it is mounted on rod and the thumb of your hand holding the rod can easily access the shutter. So no need of using  the second  hand to hold  the  shutter. 

2. You can mount  the Yunteng 1288 Selfie stick on  a mini tripod and detach  shutter from the rod to click pictures from a distance. 


RK 908 -  An all in  one  Selfie  Stick 

Like  Yunteng 1288,  it has also got  a detachable shutter on the rod and a mirror.  The good part is it also comes  with  a small  mini  tripod.  The tripod isn't very strong but is very portable and would serve the purpose many a times. It doesn't  support  a DSLR but it's more compact then  a Yunteng 1288.  The compact  length  of a Yunteng 1288 is mm which is a bit longer, however RK 908 has a compact length of mm which  will fit  in most  of your  bags. So if all features  are required and portability is more important to you, it is wiser to opt for  RK908 and when sturdiness is important and you aren't worried much about size then  you can go for Yunteng 1288.



Pocket Tripod + Shutter

A pocket tripod + shutter, though is a deviation from Selfie Stick definition, is quite frequently used by Selfie Lovers. It comes with a mobile holder and a standard 1/4" screw so that you can mount both your digital camera as well as a mobile. The shutter allows you to click the photos from a distance.

A Pen-sized Integrated High-End Selfie Stick

This Selfie Stick is extremely portable as it is of the size of a pen and can hold a mobile phone and even a go pro without the need for any extra attachment. It has elegant, functionally effective and premium design which offers hassle-free Selfie clicking experience due to its plug and play functionality. This makes for a great gift, even for those who do not know much about technogloy.

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