What is a Voice Amplifier

What is a Voice Amplifier?

A personal voice amplifier is a device that amplifies the voice of the user. With it, the user can be heard easier in a large group of people or slightly noisier environments.


What is a voice amplifier

Benefits of Using a Voice Amplifier

Be easily audible

Many people have a hard time communicating in a classroom with a noisy environment. In addition, teachers can also use a personal voice amplifier to overcome the challenges imposed by a face mask which actually significantly lowers the audibility further.


How to make the voice louder?

A voice amplifier eliminates the need to scream all the time – you can speak softly yet be easily audible to a classroom of about 100 people. A personal voice amplifier can be a liberating and empowering tool for teachers. Many teachers struggle with being heard in the classroom and sometimes struggle with hearing themselves repeat directions. A personal voice amplifier can help with both of these issues.

Save Vocal Cords

Constant screaming can have huge impacts on the vocal cords in the long run. Especially in a profession where you have to speak continuously for hours, the risk is even higher. A voice amplifier can smartly address this issue.

Play An Audio

If you want to play audio for your students, which is the case in many language classes, a voice amplifier can prove handy. You can use the aux cable to play audio directly from your mobile phone and it should be easily audible to everyone in the classroom.

Play an Announcement in Classroom

It is also useful if you have to play certain announcements or speech or other audio files. However, a voice amplifier is not very suitable for listening to music as it usually doesn’t have a stereo function or subwoofer. These are specifically designed for clearer speeches. Hence it can be used as a speaker but not ideal for music listening.

About Nefficar 

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