Portable Loudspeaker Voice Amplifier with Microphone

Portable Loudspeaker Voice Amplifier with Microphone

Nefficar's Portable Voice Amplifier Loudspeaker with Microphone is a portable voice amplifier or a PA system that comes with a microphone and also works as a speaker.  It contains a natural sound and also comes with an Aux cable.  It has an inbuilt TF card reader and a USB flash drive.  This loud speaker is ideal for Emcees, teachers, instructors, tour guides, anchors, trainers and also those who need to sing or communicate with a large crowd of audience.   

Portable Loudspeaker by Nefficar Products

The Portable Voice Amplifier Loudspeaker has the following main key features and specifications.

Ultra portable 

The Portable Voice Amplifier Loudspeaker is lightweight and very portable which makes it possible to be tucked around the waist, or hang around the neck with the help of a belt or a waistband that comes along with the package.  It is also sleek and stylish in design, lightweight and very comfortable.

Nefficar Portable Voice Amplifier

Crystal clear sound

This PA sound system has advanced microphone which enables it to produce a crystal clear and natural sound which contains no disturbance while delivering any announcement.  The user, be it a teacher, anchor or a tour guide is able to use the microphone which uses Hi-Fi high sensitivity microphone that comes with advance circuit to offer the crystal clear sound.

Nefficar PA System


Loud enough for public announcement system

It can give an output of upto 15w which is loud enough for an area of 500 Sq meters.  Its powerful inbuilt rechargeable 1800 mAh Li battery offers a playback time of around 6-10 hours while in the musical mode and upto 12-18 hours while in microphone mode. 

Best Public Address System 

It comes in a combination of portable, small loudspeaker with a microphone which makes it the best public address system for easy communication, making announcements, teaching, and can best be used by teachers, emcees, tour guides and musicians.  With an output of 15w, it is loud enough and is ideal when communicating to a group of between ten to twenty-five people. 


With the help of the Aux cable included, this PA equipment can work well as a speaker for mobiles phones, tablets, ipads as well as computers. Its system also supports the inbuilt USB flash drive and it supports TF cards and auxiliary cable output.  It can works as tour guide microphone, Public announcement system and as an Anchor Microphone.

Review from satisfied customers

The amazing reviews provided by customers can be seen on our Amazon Product Page

The customers who used the loudspeaker said that the voice amplifier is good and it can be used as a multipurpose device also with computers and mobile phones as a speaker.  They confirmed that the accessories supplied with the product are the charger, microphone and the belt to fasten it.  

Others went ahead to recommend its compatibility and said that using it really saves your stressing vocal cord especially while teaching a group of more than fifty member in a classroom.  Quick delivery which is fast and commendable was also praised.

The Portable Voice Amplifier Loudspeaker is a unique product and it not only makes your life easier but allows you to use it for entertainment purposes. 

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