Get Organized for Backpacking

1. Travel Accessories or Gadgets organizer

As a backpacker, I always prefer to travel light and hence carry small bags. I use to put everything in a single pocket until I got this awesome travel organizer which allows me to carry all my gadgets in an organized way. Finding the right gadget when it is required has become a lot easier with this organizer. You too should have one such organizer, if you feel the same. I tried the one called Grid-it from Cocoon and it works just fine for me.

2. A compact or  A Robust Selfie Stick or Any Other Selfie Machine

Travellers usually have an inclination for capturing as well and to get a picture of themselves with the places they visit. The internet is flooded with pictures of the landscape, monuments and people. What makes your pictures unique is your presence in the picture. Usually, people take two approaches. Either to extend their hand to capture a Selfie, which doesn't work well most of the times, or to ask strangers to click a picture of them  - which is alright but you always have a hesitation asking people to click for you or you may not have someone around you to click for you.
A Selfie stick proves very handy for a traveller who travels and clicks a lot. You can choose a stick depending on your requirement. If you like to travel light, then you can go for a pocket-sized lightweight Bluetooth enabled selfie stick.
However, if you can carry an extra length in your bag, but you want a stick strong enough to support your camera (even a DSLR) in addition to your mobile, then go for a stronger Selfie Stick. Also, remember that Selfie stick is not just a steel rod, but a style statement, so in a hurry don't buy a cheap looking stick which wouldn't suit your personality.

Mini Tripod and Bluetooth Remote Shutter

A mini tripod with Bluetooth shutter is also an excellent alternative to Selfie Stick that allows you to mount your mobile on a pocket sized tripod and click pictures from a distance, with a Bluetooth remote shutter.

3. A Superwide Angle Lens

A superwide angle lens can change the way your mobile phone captures landscape or monuments. It just dramatizes the entire frame and make it look simply amazing. The wideness comes at the cost of loss in sharpness, however, I find the trade-off acceptable for the kind of images it captures for me. 

4. A Multi-USB Travel Charger

When you travel you have multiple devices that need charging, however, most of the times you have only a single socket available in a hotel, B&B or a hostel. This multi-USB compact charger can become really handy in charging all your devices at the same time. 

5. A Power Bank which is a Power House

You always have to be cautious in using your smartphone camera as you may run out of battery anytime and may not get a charging dock for long hours. So why live with this fear and not capture the awesome moments or not listen to some awesome music. A number of power bank designs with huge capacity are available in the market which can charge your mobile phone even 10 times. So go for one and focus on what's being important - worry-less travel.

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