Essential Handcrafted Travel Accessories - Loved by Apple Fans - Be it MacBook, iPad or iPhone

Essential Handcrafted Travel Accessories - Loved by Apple Fans - Be it MacBook, iPad or iPhone

What is the first thing you pack when you are travelling? Is it your clothes, tooth brush or electronics? For most of the people, the priority would be to pack their I-pad or their MacBook. However, most of the people consider it the safest option to pack their gadgets in the luggage to keep it safer.

Travel Accessories or Travel Gears

Travelling is incomplete these days without your gadgets. Most of the people kill time using their I-pads or MacBook pro during travelling. While being on a road travel or an air travel the gadgets are subjected to a variety of forces and interaction with other objects. This could possibly damage the screen of your precious iPad or MacBook or put scratches on either of them. The main reason you might not want to put them in a safety cover must be their bulky and commonplace design. This dilemma of the travellers could be overcome with the help of unique and premium handcrafted accessories, so that you can carry your gadgets in style while keeping them safe.

13 Inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Cover 

13 Inch MacBook Air Cover

It is one of the favourites in the category of MacBook Covers. While keeping the style element strong, the MacBook Pro sleeve is a perfect fit for 13.3 inches MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Another thing the users really appreciate about it is the multiple pockets which allow you to secure keys, mobile, earphones etc. such that the pockets do not appear bulky and the style element is not compromised. The colour combination offered is grey and black which looks elegant and sophisticated. Your MacBook is guaranteed to stay safe from those scratches and damage and you can be at peace even when your MacBook is stuffed with other accessories

                    13.3" MacBook Air Cover

iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro 9.7 Inch Cover and Case

Another interesting accessory is the handcrafted iPad Covers which look as premium as it gets - the beautiful designs that would make you buy them instantly, the precisely and neatly done stitches, and the effective protection from dust, scratches, etc. makes them an ideal choice for your iPad Cover.

iPad Air 2 Case and iPad Pro 9.7 Cover

iPad Mini 4 Covers or Cases

Similar in design but available in a size that perfectly fits an iPad Mini 4.

iPad Mini 4 Case and Cover

Unique Passport Holder or Passport Cover

Normally, during travelling, people are careless about their passports. It is recommended that you own a passport holder which also serves as a wallet to secure your cards or air tickets. The Nefficar Passport Holder is one of its kind which looks beautiful and stands our from the remaining due to its unique and vibrant print. It’s made up of a premium fabric which makes it looks pretty appealing due to its sleekness and design. The main purpose is serves is that it holds your cards, ticket and passport intact safe and easily accessible at one place. So it’s spacious yet compact & stylish. All in one, as they call it!

Passport Holder or Cover


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