Don't Know How to Stay Safe from Corona Virus? Essential Products for Protection against Covid-19

Don't Know How to Stay Safe from Corona Virus? Essential Products for Protection against Covid-19

The 2020 pandemic is an event that has never been seen in history and is comparable to the Spanish Flu that struck the world in the 20th century. A single virus causing COVID-19 epidemic has caused fear and chaos among people from all walks of life. With rumors spreading like wildfire, it is often difficult to understand what’s exactly right or wrong. The best way to dispel misinformation is to stay informed and create awareness about the disease.

The times of Spanish flu were way more challenging as technology has certainly made things a lot easier for us – be it communication or managing the pandemic. We have put together a list of products that will help you keep the virus at bay and protect your family. Keep your surroundings sanitized and clean, while also being effective at what you do!

Here is a list of 5 products that could prove really useful during corona times:


One of the best WHO recommended practices to stay protected against COVID-19 virus is to keep your hands clean either by washing them with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer. To further enhance your level of protection, a no-contact sanitizer dispenser can guarantee a contamination-free sanitization for the best and utmost level of protection. The Dolphy automatic soap and sanitizer dispenser is a state-of-the-art device that promises clean hands without the fear of the cross-contamination through external surface contact, thereby considerably reducing the spread of germs easily.

Best automatic sensor operated hand sanitizer

A reliable device to have around the house, this best handwash dispenser can be mounted on the wall in the kitchen, washrooms, or anywhere you want. With smart sensor technology, this sanitizer dispenser delivers just the right amount of liquid, reducing spillage, wastage, and overuse of costly liquid. Two adjustable controls help you regulate the amount of liquid dispensed. With a capacity to hold 1000 ml of liquid, this automatic dispenser system functions on 4 batteries which can be swapped out anytime and runs without wasting any power. A big viewing window enables the monitoring of liquid levels to make refills easy and with reduced minimal contact.

If you are someone that finds it difficult to get everyone to wash their hands frequently at home, or if you have to ensure that employees/customers enter a workplace only after sanitizing their hands, then this amazing electronic liquid soap dispenser is a must have for you! The smart-looking and attractive design with a cool auto dispense mechanism will encourage everyone to wash hands and sanitize them constantly.


While preparing your safety kit for the pandemic, one thing that is sure to help you monitor situations easily when you are in panic is the No-Touch Infrared Thermometer. We have identified one such good product - equipped with the superior Infrared Technology, this thermometer effortlessly detects temperatures from a safe distance of 5 cms.

Best Infrared No Contact IR Thermometer for Office Home Factory

Take social distancing to a whole new level with its gun style handle that allows the infrared thermometer to be carried around and operated with ease. Its large LCD display clearly shows the temperature with a white backlight and red indicators to show fever. The device accurately measures the temperature and has a maximum allowable error range of ±0.2 for 35 - 42 and ±0.3 for 35 - 42.

The Non-Contact IR Thermometer has many smart features that will knock your socks off like intelligent shutdown to manage power, ultralow power consumption control, and low power reminder. This device also has IPXD protection against liquid damage for better reinforcement.

Get this powerful device today to keep your family safe and well-protected.


A good way to prevent any contamination of viruses in your home is to keep your floors and home disinfected. We get back so many germs when we step outside or touch surfaces used by others and we may not be aware of what this can lead to. So, to avoid any sort of germ or virus entering your living space, constant disinfection is needed and the best way to do this is by mopping all exposed surfaces that come in contact with you. However, frequent mopping can be painful if you don’t have the right tools, and you may try to do away with it.

Self Wringing Ease to use Floor Cleaning Mop

With the outbreak of this pandemic, the need for constant disinfection and protection has increased and to make your job easy we recommend the smart spin mop from Sportzero by Milton. The E-Elite Spin Mop is designed to make the task of disinfection easy, hassle-free, and give you a wonderful cleaning experience. The entire portable floor mop unit comes with a lightweight mop and a bucket for containing the water. You can just dip the mop in the bucket and squeeze out the excess water with the spin of the hand – don’t forget to add a disinfectant to water. With the best technology for disinfection, the Sprotzero mop employs a large microfiber mop head that covers every small corner of the house, without leaving any exposed surface uncovered.

Get this mop TODAY for a cleaner home and hearth!


Though there is no direct research or evidence to support the fact that an Air Purifier can protect you against the virus but we may contend that HEPA filters could be effective.

Best Air Purifier for Home, Cafe, Restaurant, Office Cabin

We have often heard people say that clean air gives you a healthier life. In times of this outbreak of the epidemic disease, keeping healthy and having a good immune system is essential to help your body's defense mechanism be at its best. Pollution and dust particles in the air can affect your respiratory system. To keep your surroundings clean and healthy, we recommend the use of a smart air purifier.

The smart air purifier is designed to tackle indoor pollution and to rid the air you breathe from microparticles. Made with cutting-edge technology, the indoor air purifier can filter particles up to the size of 0.3 microns, covering 99.7% of all pollutants and other unwanted particles in the air. This best home air purifier has exciting features such as 360° air intake, a large coverage area of up to 452 sq. ft, and 2 -layer filtration with a true HEPA filter. Simple to use, the efficient dual filtration makes sure that your air quality is maintained with an LED indicator.

Keep the air you breathe clean to build your body defense system with our MI Air Purifier System.


Maintaining social distance is another important aspect of staying protected from the global outbreak of the virus. Maintaining a healthy distance of 6 ft has led to many countries having controlled the spread of the disease. Though many of us continue to stay at home in the quarantine, there are still circumstances where one needs to communicate with other people, and it is important to maintain the maximum distance possible. To make effective communication easier, the use of voice amplifier systems is recommended so that one can speak to a group of people at a good distance, while still being heard clearly.

Best Personal Public Announcement Mic with Speaker for Protection and Safety against virus

Moreover, it is important that you use your own personal microphone as you can’t be sure about the cleanliness of common microphones which are used by multiple people and may not be cleaned usually.  

Nefficar Portable Voice Amplifier is just what you need to maintain the necessary social distance and at the same time stay protected from virus by avoiding use of common mics. With our efficient public address system, you can easily speak to anyone you want at a distance without having to shout or strain your vocal cords. Even communicate easily with delivering personnel from within the comfort of your balcony, or play games like Taqmbola with people of your community while all of you sit in your balcony, without risking any contact. The voice amplifier also comes with a cool headphone mic and a portable loudspeaker public address system. Easy to use and maintain, this personal voice amplifier will help you stay covered and socially distanced from everyone to avoid any contamination. Use this at home, office, departmental store, addressing security guards, a team of volunteers, or just about anywhere you choose to!

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