Best Bluetooth Selfie Stick in India

Don't want to buy those boring and cheap looking selfie sticks? Don't go for them. Go for one that suits your personality and requirement.

Selfie Stick is not just a steel rod but a style statement and we are sure you want to travel or roam around with best Selfie Stick in your hand. We have identified two designs which are quite unique, with solid build quality, i.e., unlike sticks which will bend easily, and which are quite stylish and elegant. 

A Foldable and Pocket Sized Selfie Stick 

If you want something which is of the size of your palm or will easily fit into your pocket, then go for this LOCUST series foldable Selfie Stick. It doesn't only appear elegant, but the manufacturer of this stick has made it more hassle-free design. Normally, in all other Selfie Sticks you will have to attach a mobile holder separately which will increase the length of the rod and make it difficult to fit it in your bag. However, in this new design the mobile holder can be easily folded and you never need to detach it to reduce the size of the rod to make it compact. 

Unlike other Selfie Sticks which have very small led which makes it difficult to know if the Bluetooth is ON/OFF, this one has quite a bright led which clearly indicates when the power is ON and when it is OFF. 

In terms of appearance, the handle is designed to provide you a better grip and appears more elegant. 

Yunteng 1288

If you aren't worried too much about the price and the foldable length of the rod then you must go for Yunteng 1288. This Selfie Stick is not only very sturdy, it has also got built-in mini mirror and a built-in Bluetooth shutter which can be detached when required. 


This Selfie stick is also suitable when you intend to use it as monopod with heavy cameras like DSLRs as it can easily support weight up to 2.5 kg. 

The black finish of this superior quality stainless steel selfie stick makes it one of the most sought after selfie stick in the market. 

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