Benefits of using Loudspeaker for Teachers

Why should every teacher use a voice amplifier?

Voice amplification in classrooms focuses on providing high levels of speech intelligibility as well as ensuring even distribution of sound in all the parts of the classroom. Learners spend approximately 75% of their time in the classroom listening, which makes it essential for teachers to ensure that speech is delivered effectively in an audible manner for optimum hearing (Brinkley et al., 2017). However, in the absence of voice amplifiers, learners are at a high risk of failing to hear what the teachers are telling them due to factors such as events of mild hearing loss among learners due to common ear infections, high ambient noise levels surrounding the classrooms, and high incidences of poor classroom acoustics. Hence, based on the factors that hinder effective hearing among learners, voice amplifiers are essential tools that teachers should embrace to enhance their effectiveness in the teaching and learning process. Further, unlike other hearing enhancement tools, loudspeakers are among the most cost effective tools in enhancing speech intelligibility, which further enhances student improvement. With a good loudspeaker in your possession, you never have to use the precious horsepower within.

Apart from enhancing the learners’ hearing, loudspeakers improve the learning environments, in that they support even distribution of sound throughout the classroom, which indicates that all learners benefit from the technology irrespective of whether they have hearing problems or not (Galley, 2017).

For instance, the technology ensures that learners are not distracted by surrounding noises, such as that emanating from traffic or the activities of other learners; hence, boosting the learners’ concentration and effective hearing. Such effectiveness is achieved by ensuring that the teacher’s voice is easily recognizable by ensuring that it dominates the classroom environment thus overcoming the distractions that may occur from other sources of noise (Brinkley et al., 2017). Further, the loudspeakers give an equal opportunity to all learners since all learners receive the teacher’s content irrespective of their sitting position, unlike in the absence of loudspeakers, where learners seated close to the teacher have an advantage of receiving what the teacher is saying over those seated far from the teacher.

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