5 Best Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day 2016 - Perfect for Mom, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister or A Friend

Women’s Day is Special not just because it is an opportunity to express gratitude to women in your life (be it mother, wife, sister, aunts or a friend) but because they have touched your life in some way or another and are the reason behind its beauty. You may think for a while that you are better off without them but just in a day or so you realize the hollowness within, the loneliness, and their need in your life. 

So, don't waste this amazing opportunity to say Thank you to them! Here is a list of some incredible and unique gifts that you can give them this international Women's Day (2016):

A Handcrafted Wallet 

      Gone are those days when wallet use to be in pockets of men only. Express your emotions of equality by gifting her an incredible wallet which also symbolizes the colors she fills in your life.

      Handcrafted Leather Wallet

      A Portable Selfie Stick

      Not only are Solo women traveling the world these days but are doing it better than their male counterparts. Give this Selfie Stick to your loved one or a friend to make her even more independent. Let her capture her precious moments in style!

        The Smallest and Best Selfie Stick


        An iPad or 7" Tablet Case

        A Floral Tablet or iPad Case - If your women has a tablet or iPad, she would definitely want to protect it with a girlish Cover or Sleeve. This floral iPad or Tablet Sleeve is a perfect gift to respect her femininity.


        An External Battery Case PowerBank

        An iPhone 6 or 6S Battery Case to make sure that her phone has the battery when she needs it most! An excellent gift to show that you are concerned about her safety and you care for her.

          External Battery Case Power Bank for iPhone 6 and 6S
          A Pocket Charging Cable

          A compact charging connector for your iPhone that eliminates the need to carry along any cables. This becomes quite handy when you need to charge during urgencies.

          Pocket Size Charging Cable for Samsung Phones and Tablets



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