10 Ways to use a Selfie Stick

Are you wondering how people are using Selfie Stick, the trending gadget.

Image via Imgur

1. I am relaxing, but that doesn't mean I can't click some Selfies.

2. Who do I ask for clicking a picture here? Oh yeah! I have got a Selfie Stick.

3. I ride alone, I ride alone..

4. It has to be a Gopro Selfie Stick.

5. "Till my opponent is unconscious, I can manage some Selfies"

6. Are you still asking "What is a Selfie Stick?"

7. Don't let them know there is no audience. Just Smile. 

8. Bored of "Muah!" Selfies

9. I was thinking of setting Tripod with a DSLR, but then its too much of a task. I will manage with a Selfie Stick.

10. There is still room for few more people

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